Integrative Health Group

We have built our reputation for outstanding patient outcomes from our focus on the underlying causes of an illness or imbalance, rather than merely the treatment of symptoms.

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It is our desire that you find real answers to the health problems that concern you.

With the addition of Jonathan Stegall, MD as our medical director, we have been able to add new services including bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for women and men, as well as intravenous nutrition therapy.

Both Dr. Susan Stegall and Dr. Jonathan Stegall are well versed in functional medicine - a dynamic, patient-based approach to assessing and addressing chronic disease, as well as preventing its recurrence. 

Both doctors believe in the importance of thoroughly evaluating the patient in order to work from the inside out, thereby identifying core clinical imbalances that lead to poor health.

We invite you to learn more about Integrative Health Group and discover how our comprehensive care can help you take control of your health. When you become one of our patients, you become one of thousands who are changing the face of health care.

Integrative medicine emphasizes the combination of both conventional and alternative approaches to address the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of health and illness.

Integrative Health Group is a fully equipped facility with a focus on providing the patient with information and drugless solutions to meet and exceed health goals.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

Growth hormone deficiency testing


Cold light laser therapy


Comprehensive blood testing

Vitamin D deficiency testing

Saliva testing

Urine testing

Heavy metal testing

Nutrition testing

Body composition analysis

Food allergy testing

Digestive health testing

Heart health testing

Neurotransmitter testing

Adrenal (cortisol) testing

Although patients enjoy the experience of coming to our clinic, telephone consultations are also available to allow those who live far away to experience many of the benefits of our unique approach that is unduplicated in other areas of the country. The goal of these scheduled visits by phone is to make this effective care accessible to patients all across America.


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