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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When can I expect to see results?

Since everyone has a different situation, stress level, toxicity, and healing potential, we are unable to specify how long it will take for someone to achieve the results they are seeking. Some patients have reported that they experienced positive results within a few days after beginning their protocol. For others, improvement might not be noticeable for a few weeks.

Our patients are reminded that the body did not become symptomatic in only a few days or weeks, so neither should total healing be expected in such a short time. It is necessary to allow the body a sufficient amount of time to detoxify and for the cells to be nourished, thus allowing the body to regain optimum health.

Q. Can your supplements cure my disease?

No one supplement will cure, prevent, or treat a disease or illness. Our pure and non-synthetic supplements are designed to supplement your body so that it has sufficient ability to heal itself. Stress reduction and proper diet are also essential contributing factors that offer you the best chance to heal.

Our formulations are extremely safe, but they are profoundly effective. That is the reason they are available only through a doctor so that their superb efficacy is orchestrated by someone skilled and knowledgeable.

Q. How long will I need to follow your recommendations?

Since everyone is different, length of time on our individualized protocol varies greatly. Your health situation, stress level, and toxicity of your body are all factors that determine how long you will need to follow our recommended program. Our products are designed to balance the body and therefore allow the body to regulate itself. Keeping stress and toxin levels low will aid the body in achieving faster results.

The longer the health issue has been a problem, the more time will be needed for the body to recover. Stress reducing activities like prayer, plenty of sleep, healthy diet, non-strenuous exercise, hobbies, and eliminating stressful thoughts such as worrying can all assist the body in recovering more quickly and thus eliminating or reducing the need for supplementation beyond a basic nutritional program.

Q. How do I take the supplements?

Dr. Stegall's instructions are thorough, easy to understand, and simple to implement. In order to avoid confusion, each patient is given the doctor's instructions in writing. That way, the patient knows if a supplement is best taken with food or best taken on an empty stomach.

Q. Should I continue, stop, or modify my prescription medications?

It is emphasized that each patient not change a prescription regimen in any way without first consulting with the prescribing physician. Even as the condition improves and medications are needed less and less, the patient is encouraged and supported in continuing to work with the prescribing practitioner.

In general, it is important for all users of medications to understand that ALL medications and drugs have harmful side effects. This is due to their chemical and synthetic makeup. Prescription and non-prescription medications can actually take the body out of balance, thus making it harder for the body to heal itself. We do not focus solely on addressing a disease but rather on fortifying the body for healing through supplementation, natural herbal ingredients, homeopathics, bioidentical hormones, lifestyle changes, and stress reduction.  

Q. What if my primary care physician tells me not to take supplements but I still want to take them. Do you have any advice for me?

As with any advice from any doctor, we always advise people to get a second opinion from a knowledgeable health care practitioner. Most physicians who are only trained conventionally are not educated in herbal uses. Because of this lack of experience, they might not advise you to take an herbal product because they do not want the liability of telling you it is okay to take a natural product that they know nothing about. In these cases, we advise you to seek an extensively educated health care practitioner who does understand and is trained beyond the limited scope of the conventional doctor about the properties of pure vitamins, minerals, herbs, and hormones. An educated second opinion is very different from just an opinion based on a lack of knowledge.

Our patients are extremely confident in Dr. Stegall's knowledge, expertise, and extensive experience. The practitioner-only products she recommends and which are available in our office are natural food supplements, so they are extremely safe for all individuals when taken as directed.

Remember that you are ultimately in control of your own health. Healthcare providers can only give you their recommendations. Ultimately you need to decide if you want to take a safe and natural route to heal yourself or choose a route containing drugs and surgery which all have negative side effects. Some people choose a combination of both.

Q. Not only is my worst health problem being corrected, but I am also noticing additional health benefits. How is that possible?

Integrative and holistic medicine approaches the treatment of health issues very differently from traditional medicine. The key to good health is cellular balance of the body. As the organ system becomes balanced and the cells can communicate properly, the body has an amazing ability to become well. This is why one experiences unexpected positive results while adhering to an individualized protocol. We consistently receive many similar testimonials from our patients.  

Q. Why am I experiencing improvement now as a patient of Integrative Health Group despite seeking help from so many others?

How are supplements from your office different from other products sold online or at health food stores?

Our potent but gentle compounds have been researched and used in clinical practice for many years. Each individual compound, made available by us only to our patients, embraces the best of medicinal philosophies. The unique personalized combination of them work in very different ways to balance key organs, thus allowing each individual's entire body to work more efficiently.

Dr. Stegall's careful selection process of each patient's protocol makes each one very specific and unmatched in design. A layperson does not have the knowledge and experience to devise such a protocol, nor can one obtain equivalent products of purity and efficacy available from the usual public sources.