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Patient Testimonials

We are proud of what we do. In fact, we see a client relationship VERY differently to most practices. Our client relationships do not start at 9am and end at 5pm – they stay with us. 

"Dr. Jonathan Stegall has helped me to resume a happy life that had become a daily struggle due to undiagnosed hypothyroid.  When he entered the exam room, I told him that if he did not help me then I could not be helped.  I had been seeing a dermatologist for extreme hair loss and was spending thousands of dollars every month for injections that were doing little to help me cope with the pain of fibromyalgia. Because I did not let insurance dictate the outcome of my health, I did not die but instead lived!  I am grateful to Dr. Jonathan Stegall (AKA Dr. J)"  - C.L.
"After seeing Dr. Jonathan Stegall, my body has been restored back to health. I suffered with extreme low energy and therefore had periods of depression and low mood.  He put me on a protocol written specifically for me and I am happy to say, I feel so much better and no longer have to leave work during the day to take a quick nap! I have my life back!"  - J.T.  
"Within one year of seeing Dr. Susan Stegall, I had normal, healthy blood pressure. My total cholesterol is great, to the astonishment of my cardiologist because I refused to take the cholesterol medication. I now can play with my grandchildren instead of being an observer. You can’t put a price on that!!!"  - C.G.
"Since becoming one of Dr. Susan Stegall’s patients, I have not needed an antibiotic for over three years for recurrent sinus infections.  All of my family members are patients now, too.  No more hospital admissions, sleepless nights, etc. My children are a big element in my life, and Dr. Stegall has given my little boy great reasons not to fear a doctor’s visit! My oldest child once struggled in school, but now he excels and has made friends." - M.D.
"My decision to become a patient at Integrative Health Group started with me wanting a natural approach to healing my ailments – not just treating my symptoms. I was desperate to get some pain relief without having to take steroids and medications. I had been taking over half dozen prescribed medications to relieve my neck pain – which was only temporary. Six weeks after seeing Dr. Stegall for the first time and adhering to the protocol she wrote specifically for me, I NEVER used the prescribed medication again! I am now celebrating being pain free!" - R.S.
"I became a patient after hearing Dr. Susan Stegall on her radio show on WLFJ-AM 660.  She spoke about headaches and the many reasons they occur.  I decided to become a patient and to believe for relief of the migraines I had been suffering for twenty years.  Not only did she unveil the cause of my headaches, but the individualized protocol she put me on resolved digestive problems that I had accepted as normal."  - S.H.
"Becoming a patient at Integrative Health Group has completely changed my thinking of health care.  My first contact was made when I learned that IV nutrition therapy, not to be confused with IV chelation or Vitamin C infusions, was offered.  That became especially important to me since I had just returned from a Cancer Treatment Center many states away to be treated.  Knowing that this form of therapy is not provided anywhere in our area, I knew I wanted to be a part of their excellent care." - D.B.
"I was evaluated by Dr. Jonathan Stegall for extreme hot flashes and night sweats, along with a twenty pound weight gain over a short period of time.  He listened to my concerns, my frustrations, and my fears too.  Then he explained an action plan which included bioidentical hormone therapy that would balance my hormones. Very soon I experienced relief while regaining my well-being and self-confidence.  I feel blessed to have a doctor like him in Greenville." -  A.G.
"Dr. Susan Stegall has been responsible for how I now look at health in a different light. For years I had experienced the agony of painful periods and infertility. I was a smoker and had been unable to stop antidepressants. Because she took the time to determine my specific imbalances and then place me on a program for my particular needs, my hormones were regulated, I quit smoking, and I gave birth to a healthy baby."  - A.N.
"I have cancer and decided to seek help here when the oncologist told me that the type of fast-growing cancer that I have made my prognosis very dismal. He agreed with my receiving help from the two doctors at Integrative Health Group while having my chemotherapy treatments. I recently was tested at Emory and was told that I should have died three months after my cancer diagnosis. The oncologists, both here and at Emory, believe it is due to the care I have received from Integrative Health Group."  - H.R.
"I just didn’t believe it was possible to sleep without medications, yet now I am doing it every night thanks to the help I have been given since becoming a patient at Integrative Health Group!"  - G.S.