What to expect

Integrative Health Group is a fully equipped facility with a focus on providing the patient with information and drugless solutions to meet and exceed health goals. 

Our patients are involved in their health program, and they learn to make effective and educated decisions, thus preventing future health concerns.

The First Visit

The first visit to Integrative Health Group includes careful consideration of information the patient has had time to prepare prior to the visit.  This is so that the patient has time to complete necessary forms in their leisure and also to maximize the appointment time. 

The necessary forms to be used for such information are provided on this web site.  

The patient should include an in-depth history of his or her present health concerns, diet, energy level and sleep patterns, major surgeries, and general health status. 

Patient History

The patient is asked to bring a list of medications and supplements that are being taken on a regular basis.  We request that the patient also bring any recent blood work to be reviewed and placed in the chart. The history will be followed by a physical examination by Dr. Stegall.

The patient history, physical examination, and clinical information obtained during the visit are used to ascertain the patient's specific needs.  Dr. Stegall then designs an individualized program of supplementation and recommends lifestyle modification and dietary changes to achieve the desired results.


Follow Up

Follow-up visits are scheduled at intervals so that a patient's response to the protocol can be closely monitored, thus saving the patient both time and money in reaching resolution of the problem(s).

Because education and knowledge are crucial in understanding how to achieve optimal health, we are precise and thorough in communicating our expectations and information pertinent to each patient.