Laboratory Tests

When needed, laboratory tests can provide important information for both Dr. Stegall and the patient.


Comprehensive Nutritional Panel

Lyme Disease


Bone Health Panel

Male / Female Hormone Panel


Oxidative Stress

Immune Function


Phthalates and Parabens Profile




Food Sensitivity

Adult and Teen Neurotransmitters

GI Health Panel

Children's Neurotransmitters


Ion Profile (for patients suffering with heart disease, obesity, chronic fatigue, cancer, mental and emotional disorders, learning and behavioral disorders, and chemical sensitivities.)


Telomere Test (Featured recently on the TODAY SHOW, it is explained that shorter telomeres have been associated with metabolic abnormalities, obesity and several degenerative diseases including cancer, dementia and cardiovascular disease. In vitro studies have shown that telomeres are highly susceptible to oxidative stress, which will shorten telomere length and enhance cellular aging. Therapies directed at slowing the loss of telomere length may slow aging and age-related diseases.)